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英國港僑協會與GetFun Garden將於2023年1月11日至15日在白禮頓Phoenix Art Space舉辦以Colour Matters為主題的畫展。是次作品展展出20多份來自英國不同地歐洲及香港的插畫藝術家的作品。 畫展主題的概念來自藝術家選用光譜中兩種顏色的對比來創作,畫展作品以不同風格表達香港文化、創意和香港人的經歷。誠邀大家到來欣賞作品和交流感受。 

<Colour Matters> 2023 Art Exhibition 
Hongkongers in Britain and GetFun Garden will hold an art exhibition on the theme ‘Colour Matters’ from January 11th to 15th, 2023, at the Phoenix Art Space in Brighton. There will be more than 20 exhibits, from different artists based in different parts of the UK, Europe and Hong Kong. ‘Colour Matters’ is inspired by artists applying a spectrum of colours to create art. The exhibits have different styles, expressing Hong Kong culture, and Hongkongers’ experiences in different ways. You are cordially invited to this feast for the eyes and exchange your thoughts and reflections with other exhibition-goers.

Event Highlights

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